We manage your accounts payable:  We enter your vendor bills. We track and take available discounts. We inform you when bills are due. We prepare the vendor checks. All your office has to do is print, sign, and mail the vendor checks. We’ll file the vendor 1099’s at year end.

We manage your payroll:  You provide the hours and salary. We enter the payroll information. We prepare the payroll checks. We file the payroll reports electronically. (Almost all payroll taxes can be filed electronically. If a ‘mail in” report is required, we’ll prepare that report.) All your office has to do is print, sign, and distribute the payroll checks. We’ll file the employee W-2’s at year end.

We manage your general ledger and financial statements:  We handle the daily and monthly accounting requirements. Your financial statements are always up to date with the latest information that is available. There is no backlog of vendor bills that still need to be entered. Job Cost reports, Cash Flow reports, and many Analysis reports will always be up to date and always be available to the owner.

We manage your year-end process for you:  After all the prior year accounting information is received, we review and prepare the necessary records for you to provide to your tax preparer for income tax filing and CPA prepared financial statements if they are required.

We could manage your accounts receivable:  Although many businesses process their customer billing and collections in-house due to the variety of customer billing details, we could manage that for you also. If you wished us to manage the customer billing process, we would spend time with you to understand your process and preferences to meet your expectations and to meet your customers’ expectations.

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